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7 Days a Week
Monday - Thursday  5:00 - 9:00 PM
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Best Italian Restaurant in Colorado Springs!

Our Story

DAT'S ITALIAN is a restaurant "dat" should have opened more than just 8 years ago, but now the dream comes true! Slowly, but surely everyone is finally finding out where the "really good" and authentic Italian eats are in Colorado Springs. We are so happy you're loving it and that you are finding us now.  Coming from a large Italian family we've all learned how to cook and when we do...we cook too much and we eat too much! But "dat's" what has always kept us at the table longer and "dat's" always been a good thing! We want to keep you at our table! 
Making a meal in our family has always been an expression of love. 
We want to do what we LOVE- cook for you, serve you, and share the LOVE!

Our Journey

DAT'S ITALIAN! was born on April 1st, 2010. It was quite a pregnancy and a crazy delivery! With the help and Love of practically all of our family members this restaurant opened. We're blessed to have such great support from our families. 
If you are wondering who we are, well we are an average family-Dennis, JoAnn, Jesse, Maia, Derek, Cedra, Roman, Shya, Ryker, Myka, Kit and soon our next...Jameson! We are trying to do our best at our 1st and only shot to establish our reputation with an Italian restaurant that is known for great food and extremely friendly service. We love meeting new people and continuing friendships. We all work here, doing everything from the kitchen work & cooking to cleaning bathrooms. We did not come into the restaurant industry as professionals, it was just a mom, me, with a serious dream to cook and to serve people. My inspiration is my Mom, Grandmothers and family.

 I am from Brooklyn, born and raised. Two generations prior to "dat" the family came from Ancona, Italy and Sicily, Italy. "Dat" Brooklyn accent comes out every once in a while. Dennis refers to me as the Brooktalian. I am the Italian and Dennis is Spain/Spanish. So you may wonder why we call it DAT's Italian? It's not just cause us New Yorkers don't pronounce our t-h-'s so well. It just seemed perfect to name the restaurant after my husband of 36 years, the love of my life, the man that gives me strength and motivates me, Dennis Anthony Trujillo.  DAT'S ITALIAN! "DAT'S" me, DAT'S him.

We know about commitment and dedication, and we will strive to make DAT'S ITALIAN a pleasure for you to visit. When you are being served, it will most likely be a family member. You will know your meal was homemade with Love. You'll most likely become pretty much family, maybe even get hugged. While you sit in our restaurant we want you to feel like your at home or at your relatives home, feeling cozy and welcomed. We hope you enjoy our family photos on the walls, that helps us feel warm with the long hours we all spend here. Our family owned restaurant will always serve a small but amazing and original menu. We thank you for dining at DAT'S ITALIAN! And hope you return to enjoy more of the "Flavor of Our Family!"

Ellis Island New York
Our Beginning